Monday 10 October 2011

TCRM and the Ecommerce Website

I was tempted to call this blog ‘TCRM and the Dragons’., as it sounded a bit more fun and exciting, but sadly not as SEO friendly (see, we know what we’re doing).

Anyway, after many months of development the new TCRM ecommerce system has been rolled out. You can give it a go here. Kevin’s brief for the system was that it had to be flexible enough to sell a sandwich or an engine. A bit random but it was a philosophy that served us well in the development phase. By considering how to build a custom sandwich or choose the specs of an engine  the system caters for any sort of product and business model from off the shelf choices, such as DVDs and books, to businesses offering custom made products where a large number of choices need to be made by the customer. Sandwiches, custom built PCs and made to measure clothes like Elvis Jumpsuits are just a few examples which spring to mind.

Okay, you’ve seen the product, what’s our angle? We are living through one of the worst recessions in living memory. Large and small companies alike are shedding employees at an alarming rate and don’t want to hire again anytime soon. People can’t rely on the fact big companies might start hiring hundreds or thousands of people. They need to go out and create opportunities for themselves. They need to start their own businesses and create new employment opportunities. A couple of hundred small businesses employing between three and twelve people each would make a big difference to thousands of families. Yes. we’re a fan of small business and want to take further the interest stoked by popular programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den.

Luckily in this wired age the capital outlay to get businesses off the ground can be reduced. You no longer need a physical store and all the problems that come with it. A good ecommerce website and suddenly the whole world is your potential customer base. That’s where we come in. We want to help promote small business and help them grow. Allow them to reach out to a wider customer base and bring in those sales and contracts.

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