Monday 13 December 2010

TCRM and the Big Chill

Us Bridgend Web Designers are a sturdy bunch, but to label the last few weeks as a little nippy would be something of an understatement. I don’t think I’ve layered up and put on an extra pair of socks as often as this ever. The TCRM office isn’t the warmest of places first thing in the morning normally but I’ve been expecting to find penguins nesting under my desk lately. And not just your run of the mill penguins either. These are hardcore birds who think the arctic is for the wussies.

Anyway, despite the cold it’s been a busy an interesting few weeks here in TCRM, hence the late arrival of this blog entry. Sites have been launched and PCs fixed, quotes delivered and changes implemented. PC repairs are one area that seem to have picked up recently and many of the machines coming in are suffering from virus or malware problems. Adequate virus protection costs nothing but a little time and effort with AVG being the leader in this respect. I’ve been using it for years and haven’t lost any data, been plagued with pop-up windows and rogue services which site there hogging resources and stopping other services from playing with the toys.

Another way of avoiding the problem is exercising a little care over what is being installed on your machine. Remember you don’t have to install every tool bar and little app which comes your way. People won’t point at you in the street and mock you in a mildly hysterical way if you don’t have the Instant Chat 5.0 Cool Smiley Pack installed on your messenger. Plain and simple is the way forward. You’ll be much more productive with a working simple machine and we can help you by putting effort into other areas for you such as web design.

With more cold weather on the way it could signal more ill PCs coming into the office suffering with viruses, but as long as you wrap them up nice and cosy with the latest free virus software and don’t expose them to the chill of unfriendly software, they should be good to see you through the winter.