Thursday 13 September 2012

TCRM and Starting a Small Business

Let’s be honest. The British economy isn’t doing too well at the moment. It hasn’t been since 2008 and doesn’t look like changing anytime soon if things continue the way they are. Large companies, including banks, are laying off workers, youth unemployment is set to rise,  and household bills continue to rise as prices go up. There is no job for life anymore and people wonder whether their investments and pensions will be worth as much in a few years time. In short there is a lack of confidence in what the future holds because it is largely out of our hands for the most of us.

But things don’t have to continue this way. The failure of government and big business to provide a sustainable economy highlights the need to foster another approach. One that has worked before and one that can work again. This was once a country of shop keepers, small businesses and entrepreneurs. They worked hard to establish their own path through this country. Their effort determined their future and in doing so provided jobs and a future for others.

When running your own business, or being a vital contributor to that business, you are responsible for the success of that company and you will reap the rewards. The more people take up the challenge the more this country’s economy will be driven forward by these hard working people instead of banks and big business. Sounds good doesn’t it?

TCRM has set up a number of websites to promote small business in the County Borough of Bridgend: The Bridge Page, Welcome to Porthcawl and

And we have more in the works. If you are thinking of starting a business in today’s online economy and what to know about what’s involved, then please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help. Starting a business could be something that changes your life, and the life of others, forever.