Friday 12 November 2010

TCRM and Life in a Small Business

Us Bridgend web designers are really in the grips of autumn now. The evenings are darker, the skies greyer, the jumpers thicker and the leaves are piling up on the pavements. Those leaves are also being dragged into our office at an alarming rate. It eventually got to a point when enough was enough and Kevin was forced to drag the vacuum cleaner out. So there’s the owner of the company, hoover in hand, cleaning up the leaves on the carpet while Andrea and I looked on (it was a good time for a coffee break). But it got me thinking how different life is in a small company compared to a large organisation. As with everything, there are good points and bad points.

Kevin and I have both worked in very large organisations and after working here for over three months now I can tell you that the differences are huge. Where as before we would pick up the phone and call facilities management department to send a cleaner around to our office, we have to clean ourselves. Though there is something to be said for getting down and dirty. It does keep your feet on the ground.

One of the biggest differences is the importance of our effort. If we all don’t put 100% effort in every day, the business suffers. There is no one else to blame, to fall back on, or to wait on. It’s our responsibility to give the customer the best possible websites and after sales service we can. I always thought I had a pretty good working ethic, but this is something else. Never before have I been in a job where you look at the clock and think of how little time I have left to get things done. It’s working flat out all the time, but at the end of that day I more often than not feel that I have at least done a good day’s work. Though we may have lost some of that comfort zone you experience in a large company, that feeling of doing a making a difference does make up for it.